About the BMW Motorcycle Club of Queensland.

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Queensland Inc. (BMWMCQ) is a registered club of BMW Clubs Australia. The objectives of the BMWMCQ are to increase the enjoyment of motorcycling by:

  • Improving the opinion of the public towards motorcycling in general and associated members particularly by careful, courteous, considerate riding, especially when riding with the Club, and rendering assistance to all road users in difficulty.
  • Improving the service and availability of spare parts for BMWs in Queensland using the advantage of a united effort.
  • Decreasing maintenance and running costs by mutual assistance on mechanical problems.
  • Organising tours and outings.
  • Affiliation with other associations where such would be of mutual benefit.

We have regular club runs, maintenance days, social activities and a monthly newsletter. There is also member's only access to the website providing on-line membership renewal with PayPal.
Meetings are held each month at the Geebing RSL on Thursday evenings. Please check the website calendar or Facebook Events for the date.

Geebung RSL
323 Newman Rd, Geebung 4034
3265 3711

Feel free to attend one of our meetings or activities, see our events page for upcoming meetings and activities. Send us an email , the club would be pleased to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us at;
The Secretary
BMW Motorcycle Club of Queensland
P.O Box 3669
South Brisbane QLD 4101
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The BMWMCQ is supported by its members, sponsors and advertisers. The club is a non profit organisation.

The club also offers social activities and pleasant encounters.

Established since 1958 the club has a proud history in Queensland and members with wide experience in motorcycling and BMW motorcycles.

Owning a BMW motorcycle is not a membership requirement.